Darling Earth Movers have extensive experience in developmental drilling and blasting, utilizing a large range of blasting techniques combined with unique drilling equipment developed for fast efficient drilling in any location. Darling Earth Movers also owns a state of the art Blast Moniter which is utilized on every blast to measure vibration and noise levels which gives them the ability to manage blasting operations safely and effectively in close stuctural proximity situations.

To view a movie of our Blast at APH Roelands Gravel Pit click here.

Darling Earth Movers have extensive experience in developmental drilling and blasting. Below is a list of some of the projects we have completed.

Kalamunda Glades Shopping Centre Redevelopment
Drill and blast site cut 5.5 meters deep for a full city block behind and around existing operational shopping centers using low-intensity blast techniques. Construction of stone retaining walls and Entry Statements in front of the site.

MRWA Albany Highway Bedfordale Hill Upgrade
Head Contractor for Telstra asset relocation – 8km of dual 100mm conduits; drill, blast, rock break, excavate and lay conduits, manholes, and pits

MRWA-Henry Walker Eltin Albany Highway Bedfordale Hill Upgrade
Subcontractor – drill and blast roadworks and drainage within road reserve

MRWA Brookton Highway Upgrade
Drill and blast through road cuttings, including appropriate traffic management

Stirling Alliance Pipeline Project December 1999 – February 2000
Sub-contractor for continuous drill & blast as required for 19.2km pipeline up to 5600 BCM’s as a single blast, at Harvey. Blast monitoring was implemented where required.

Stirling Dam March 2000
Sub-contractor – Drill & Blast for the valves and outfall structures 53 meters from the Stirling Dam Tunnel, at Harvey. PPV (Peak Particle Velocity) measurements ranged between 1.1 and 1.6mm.

Deep Sewer Infill Project – Town of Toodyay, April 2000
Sub-contractor-Drill & Blast for the Deep Sewer Infill Project including the pump station hole in the center of the township. PPV of 1.4mm was recorded.

Austal Ships, Henderson – Cockburn Sound, August 2000
Sub-contractor – Drill & Blast new shipbuilding shed site (120m x 80m x 4m deep) between existing buildings – 8 meters from nearly completed aluminum fire tender for Sydney Olympics.

Voyager Estate Winery – Margaret River, Late 2000
Contractor – Drill, blast and excavate new cellar 80m x 80m x 9m deep beside and below existing winery buildings.

Albany Senior High School Oval – Albany, 2001
sub-contractor – Drill & blast approximately 4800 BCM’s with full blast monitoring – PPV at 1.6mm; 500 meters reinforced concrete piping drains with associated manholes and outfall structures; bulk earthworks and rock excavation for oval works.

Transfield McMahon J.V. Jerviose Bay Development Civil & Marine Works – July 2002
Sub-contractor – Drill & Blast approx 3000 BCMs of limestone cap rock to facilitate earthworks for new shipbuilding area with full JSA requirements.

Wokalup Pipehead Dam Drill & Blast – December 2002 – April 2003
Drill and blast approximately 18000BCM’s for earthworks for dam footprint in extremely poor ground conditions.

Northam Grain Silos Extensions – November 2003
Subcontractor – Drill & Blast approximately 22000BCM’s for Siteworks for new grain silos.

Grain Receival Boot Pit at Hyden for Bulk West Engineering July 2004
Drill, blast and excavate 9m x 9m x 9m deep elevator pit next to existing silo and rail structures.

Gilmac Pty Ltd Construction of 15 acre Hay Exporting Plant Sept/Oct/Nov 2004
Drill blast and excavate foundations for very large hay storage sheds next to existing structures.

Kerman Contracting
Drill and blast 85m x 95m cut up to 4m deep in salacious calcite rock for shipbuilding shed at Australian Marine Complex, Henderson within 6 meters of existing buildings.

Swan Television (Channel 9)
Drill, blast, excavate and cart away two satellite dish foundations 600mm away from brick and tile structure containing switching gear and computers running to operate the remaining two satellite dishes. (Accuracy of satellite dishes was required to be maintained at 1/64000th of a degree four times per second).

Tasman Civil, Karnet Prison
Drill and blast for roadworks and fence foundations adjacent to prison buildings for new prisoner containment fence and perimeter roadworks.

Parkwater Estate, Cowaramup
Drill and blast operations for roadworks, drainage and common trenches.

Numerous small blasting jobs
Throughout metropolitan and country W.A. Using both conventional high explosives and PCF rockbreaking technology.